Download and Upload files at the decentralized Ethereum Blockchain Directory, for FREE.
After uploading, you will receive a unique URL that will allow anyone to easily download your file.

    The following features are included:
  • Your files may appear in the Blockchain Directory, or you may choose to keep them hidden (or not downloadable at all).
  • You may optionally encrypt any file with a password, which must be entered for your file to be downloaded.
  • You may edit the following fields for your files at any time: Description, Keywords, Visible, and Downloadable.

This website stores files in the Ropsten Ethereum Blockchain, which doesn't perform financial transactions and has no fees.
You can receive 1 Free Ether from the Ropsten Faucet every day, which allows you to upload more than 12MB.
Data was first stored on the Ropsten Blockchain on 11/20/16, and all the data stored since that date is still there.

Here are a few reasons to store your files on the Ropsten Ethereum Blockchain, instead of uploading to a website:
  • Decentralized means you are the only person that has control over your files. No one can remove or alter your files on the blockchain. A website provider (or social network) is legally allowed to remove content at any time.
  • Each file stored on the Ethereum Blockchain has a timestamp which cannot be altered, and therefore can provide legal proof of the file's creation date.