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Searching and Sorting
Augur Event Logs


This website retrieves data from Event Logs in the Ethereum Blockchain. This data cannot be found in any other website, because it is encrypted in the Blockchain, and it is rather difficult to decrypt.

The data is displayed in a grid that can be Sorted and Searched by any field.

This version retrieves Event Logs from the Augur Prediction Market Protocol.

Searching and Sorting

You may Filter the list of Event Logs that are displayed, by entering Criteria at the top of the grid. For an Event Log to be displayed, it must meet all the Criteria that is entered into the fields above the grid. To display all Event Logs, click [Clear All Criteria].

You may begin a search by clicking [Perform Search], or by pressing [Enter] when the cursor is in a textbox above any of the column headings.

Sort Event Logs: You may Sort the Event Logs that are shown on the grid, by clicking any column heading. Clicking the same column heading a 2nd time will cause the grid to be Sorted by that column in Descending Order.

Augur Event Logs

This version retrieves the following fields for Markets that were created by the Augur Prediction Market Protocol.
  • Date: The Date that the Market was created.
  • Description: The Question that an Ethereum user may place a wager on.
  • Outcomes: The possible Outcomes of the Description. An Outcome is only shown if the possible outcomes are not just Yes or No.
  • Topic: The Category that this Market is assigned to.
  • Creator: Links to the Ethereum Account of the person who created the Market. If you Sort by this field, you can see how many Markets each person created.
  • Transaction: Links to the Transaction Receipt Event Logs that the Event Log was received from.
  • Log #: When a Transaction address is clicked, the Log # matches the number shown in the left column of the Transaction Receipt Event Logs.